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Guys, this is serious and I need your help.

Few days ago it came up an important and serious situation between me and few friends. We found out that a publishing house had violated all the copyrights on their book covers. How? They simply took the images from Google, edited and published the book with these images.

It wouldn’t be so serious if it wasn’t from the fact that all the images are copyrighted.

And with this I mean, ALL the images in ALL the bookcovers.

At first, we tried to talk with one of the editors, because we thought that maybe they had contracted someone to do the covers and didn’t knew about the infringements,  but he decided that there was nothing wrong with that and that thousands of people does that and he would like to see if there would be someone to sue him for doing it and try to stop him.

After we found out that he is actually the one who made most of the covers, my friend tried to reason with him, but the result was very unpleasant. Defaming her and stalking her social media profiles to make her shut up.

So we complained and spread the word to the people who had any kind of relationship with the publishing house, advising to be careful and to the authors to impeach the bookcover so they wouldn’t have their names dirtied with such thing.

It wouldn’t be a big problem the publisher house had just come out and said “Ok, we gonna take a look out for this and make it over”. But the response was, again, unpleasant. 

He laughed at us.

I mean, he literally (in all the meanings of the words) laughed at us for trying to make it right and advising the authors.

But we didn’t care about it, because at that point he already showed he wasn’t an editor, writer or artist, just an idiot that pretends to be all that. We had advised the authors (sadly, he convinced some that he hasn’t done nothing wrong and we were the ones making a fuss over nothing), we spread the word and as far as we knew it “things would be resolved” (this was told by the other editor).

But then he came out to say what he thought of it and I simply snapped.

He came out on his blog to call everyone who was trying to help the author with the case, complained and were watching this situation a bunch of people who had nothing better to do (I can even look at the post much onger, so I’ll leave the link here and you can use Google Translate).

Well, Mr Aldemir, I have to tell you that cash in for a work that it wasn’t even you to do it is illegal. And I’ll not shut up to this. He disrespected not only the authors who actually paid to had a crap work illegally done, but the artists that took time, money and inspiration to make the images so you would just came and say “look what I’ve done”. You doesn’t deserve none of the titles of Writer, artist, editor or anything, you’re just ridiculous.

This affected me indirectly because I’m both writer and artist, but it became personal as soon he and his friends begin to stalk my friends for the complaining and defame us around like this would make him clean.

Now I need your help to this story get to the actual owner of the copyrights. These, are only a few of the bookcovers that were done. To see more, you can acess the site of Selo Jovem Editora and play “let’s find the infringements”.

(These are only a few we got it out. There’s even images from Lord of the Rings, Devil May Cry, wallpapers and others that had been violated).

Also help out the authors, because most of them didn’t knew any about this until we came out to advice them (and the ones who knew, are ignoring the facts because they also think there's nothign wrong in violating the copyrights) and now it seems that the publisher house has been ignoring their attempts to contact and change the covers.

If you see an art by some artist you know, if you are the artist or have anykind of contact, please let know that the art has been stolen and fight for your rights. Me and my friends will be more than glad to help you in anything possible.

I don’t care if it takes 10 years, I want to see the justice being done. No artist or writer deserves to have their names dirtied or disrespected by this.

Pass forward, please.

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duck113 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
glad you are pointing this out!
Samio-Ana Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you.
Avoice Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015   General Artist
This is really heartbreaking.  I hope you can get this resolved one day.  
Samio-Ana Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Thank you ^^
Bone-Fish14 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015… you might find this article helpful in your quest to stop art theft on this site. If you can, also contact the creators or license holders of the images so they are aware their work is being used without permission.
Samio-Ana Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015  Student General Artist
Yeah, we contacted some, but there's more and we don't know who are they, but we know it was stolen because we found similar on internet (like pixiv, tumblr etc), but we could find the original source, most of them appeared as  image share =/
Bone-Fish14 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015
Yes it's very difficult to find the original source of some images, but the important thing is that the person who stole the images also can't prove that they own rights to/created the original image. So if they were challenged by some authority to provide proof they would be unable to produce it.
Samio-Ana Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015  Student General Artist
Sadly things on Brazil are REEEEEEALLY Slow for that, if the artist for himself show up and reclaim the rights it's fast, better and they would have to do it on any way. If goes to judgement it would took months, years and they could escape by someway.

Believe me, a friend of mine just lost a cause that there wouldn't be a way she couldn't win, all because her lawyer was a bit lazy with the case and the other side presented fake documents - that we found out later - Now to goes to judgement again it will take at least 4 years. I don't want to any artist go on something like that. Authorities here doesn't care much about this kind of stuff. 
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